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Bhupindra society Bhupindra Society is engaged in IT education field since 1994 and is successfully functioning as Regional Learning Facilitation Centre of Punjab Technical University (DEP), Jalandhar (Punjab) for Information Technology and Management Education since 2005. Our mission is to generate competent Human Resources in the field of IT and Management by imparting quality education. Our Faculty is well experienced, well qualified and well versed with modern teaching methods.

As on date, Bhupindra Society has network of 53 PTU Learning Centers associated with it and a total strength of 5348 students enrolled in these PTU Learning Centers. It is pertinent to mention that although sanctioned strength of LC(s) is 64, however only 53 LC(s) are functional and 11 are in process of starting operations soon.

Bhupindra Society firmly believes that perseverance, tolerance, consistency and of course the intellectual style mixed with necessary ingredients of study is a must for obtaining excellence in distance education. It is matter of great satisfaction that the distance education fraternity has grown and advanced its efforts both vertically and horizontally.

The credit of building an educational society goes to the research scholars, thinkers and philosophers who have not only invented new techniques of spreading the educational wings in the society but also made concerted efforts to implement the scheme in a well-conceived manner.

The initiative of distance education has the over-whelming support from parents, teachers and the taught. Secondly the economically backward countries like India, Sri Lanka, China and certain other countries of the western world have shown remarkable progress in the field of distance education.

The progress shown by the students of these countries and the level of understanding obtained by them in the recent past is of unparallel equation and they have now started crossing the boundaries for educational excellence. This was possible only with the introduction of distance education system and its being cost effective also provides a boost at the same time.

Education is recognized as a mirror of society and educational institutions are society in miniature. Education is a significant most potent activity to bring about desired changes in the society. The primary function of a teacher is not to teach the alphabet, but to inculcate humanity. Aristotle said that virtue is not learning by reading volumes, it is doing deeds that we can learn virtue.

Education is considered as training, service before self, moral path and living a good virtuous life. Education not only provides knowledge and skill but also inculcate values, training instincts, fostering right attitudes and habits.

Education is indeed a bonanza for creating the youngsters as the right men for the right job. Education does not merely mean the acquisition of knowledge or experience but it means the development of habits, attitudes and skill which help a man to lead a fully comfortable and worthwhile life.

Knowledge requires a global outlook and a synthesis of various types of information and experiences which are only possible with the help of distance education. In the Gita, "knowledge of Brahma or knowledge of the soul has been termed as education. It emphasizes Karma particularly Nashkam Karma and that is the aim of education." Education as assimilation overcomes fear, culture of the heart, character learning and courage of mankind.

There are some of the traits which can be suitably advocated through the means of distance education. Distance education can also promote self-discipline, right type of learning, literary training, development of body, mind and spirit and the sense of responsibility. Strengthening of character, knowledge and training motivational techniques emphasized self-learning are the other traits of the concept of distance education.

As a world teacher, Gandhi ji wanted right type of teachers dedicated to intra-subject, inter-subject, inter environment in order to avoid isolation of knowledge learnt in school form in the society and overcome the artificial compartmentalization of knowledge and emphasized the concept of distance learning.

As the developed world moves to forging an information society founded on education. India cannot remain behind as a non-competitive labor oriented society. India has to envision bringing a competitive knowledge economy.

India has to create an environment that does not produce industrial workers and laborers but one that foster knowledge resources. Such resources must be at the cutting edge of knowledge, be competitive and innovative. Education development has a major role to play in shaping knowledge resources in turn, placing India in the vanguard in the information age. Therefore a vision for education in India has to inspire creation of a knowledge based society, induce competitiveness and yet foster a sense of co-operation."

We, the Management and staff of Bhupindra Society is committed to further the cause of Punjab Technical University (DEP) and will always continue to put in our best efforts to achieve the primary goals of Punjab Technical University (DEP) namely,
1. To offer best support services to students
2. To expand the reach of higher education to all sections of society with Special emphasis for disadvantaged sections.

Accomplishments :

  • Increased Student Strength from 127 (while allotment in S05 session) to 475 in the very S05 session, which was further increased to 1455 in S06 and to 5348 in S09.
  • Increased Learning Centre Strength from 7 in July S05 (while allotment) to 23 in S06 and from 23 in S06 to 64 in S09 (It is pertinent to mention that although sanctioned strength of LC(s) is 64, however only 53 LC(s) are functional and 11 are in process of starting operations soon.)
  • LC benchmark satisfaction range 60-78%

    Offered best marketing support services to LC including

      • Learning Centre Meet
      • Counselor Trainings
      • Centre Head Trainings
      • Annual Functions
      • Cultural & Prize Distribution Events
      • Promotional seminars
      • Learning Centre Inspections
  • Approx. 101 average students per LC
  • Approx.  Rs. 65 lakhs worth advertisement
  • 100% participation in meetings & conferences

Valuable inputs to PTU(DEP)

    • Digital Power Point Lesson Plans (DPPLP)
    • Seminar of Distance Education — A futuristic mode of Education
    • 5year-integrated dual degree/diploma proposal
    • 2008 Books publication committee chairmanship
    • Website development
    • Contribution(s) in newsletter “Chanan Munare”
    • Effective Management System development

      Wide range of promotional activities

    • Seminars
    • Annual functions
    • Promotional material
    • Blood donation camp
    • Cultural events
    • Participation in educational fairs & expos
    • Promotion through press-coverage
    • Promotion through website

      Placement support

    • Communication Skill development sessions
    • Job Interview Techniques training sessions
    • Most of the students were placed with initial annual package ranging between Rs.2.25 lakh to Rs.5.0 lakh
    • Two students were placed with initial annual package of Rs.8.0 lakh and Rs.10.0 lakh

All this was not achieved overnight. Aggressive advertisement campaigns, promotional events, periodic mentoring and monitoring activities were put in good number to achieve the above. Strategic planning coupled with infrastructural support played a vital role in achieving the targets set by the management towards expanding reach and awareness about Punjab Technical University and the benefits of the courses being offered by it.

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